Days For Girls

Days For Girls is an international organisation committed to providing solutions to period poverty around the world. In Uganda, many people are simply too poor to buy pads and as a result when they get their period they miss days of school, and are forced to hide in shame. They are often shunned during this time, and have to resort to leaves, rags and other items in place of pads. This is also the beginning of a dangerous cycle that sees them swapping sex for pads – leading to teen pregnancy, STI’s and the spread of AIDS.

Days For Girls has developed reusable pads that can last up to 5 years. This means girls are able to continue going to school and work through their periods, removes the shame around this time and avoids risk of being exploited to get pads. Along with these pads they also do a comprehensive training program around periods, puberty, sex and consent. This is vital for young women and men to understand this period of change and enable them to make informed decisions about their bodies and lives.

These pads are all made locally in Uganda, creating local jobs and supporting their economy.

Each Kenshi candle purchased will provide a DFG kit for a vulnerable girl in Uganda, this is what is included in a drawstring bag:

Two pairs of underwear: A crucial part of the DfG Kit is underwear, because after all, if girls don’t have anywhere to put the pads, they can’t use them. The other elements, shields and liners, can’t function without underwear, and we don’t ever want that to be a barrier for a girl in need.

Two shields: Think of these as a pad with wings. They are made from two pieces of cotton (with moisture-barrier fabric between to prevent leaks), and wings that fold around her underwear and snap in place. Our shields are made of beautiful, printed fabrics for comfort — and to hide stains. They have two pockets on either side of the shield that hold our liners in place. The pockets are deep enough for double or triple liners when she has a heavy flow.

Eight liners: These liners go in the shields and act as the “pad” part of the Kit. Our liners look like washcloths. That’s so girls can wash and hang them out to dry without any embarrassment. They are made from 100% cotton flannel so they’re washable with very little water and quick to dry in the sun.

Soap and washcloth: We add a few extras in her Kit, including a bar of soap for washing her pads, and a washcloth for cleansing her body. There’s no better feeling than a nice shower during your period. It makes you feel fresh, clean, and ready to take on the world. Girls who receive DfG Kits deserve that same feeling, but may not have access to these items. By including them in the Kit, we ensure that all girls can take care of themselves — and their liners.

Instructions: This is one of the most important aspects of the Kit! We provide a pictorial instruction sheet that shows how to use the shields and liners, as well as how to wash them. But that’s not all! On the back side, there is a menstrual chart to help track periods. This helps each user know when to expect her period, so she can bring her supplies with her.

Transport bag: All of the kits also include a transport bag that acts as a dirty laundry hamper as well as a washing machine. The bag, made of a moisture proof fabric, is designed so she can discreetly carry her dirty liners back home or on her way to wash them.